Monday, May 26, 2014

The ACTUAL Grad School Wardrobe Plan

I want you to ignore basically everything I said in that last post, excluding the Zinnia skirt (and the Plantains of course). Turns out, I don't really have the funds to buy new non-PDF patterns and get new fabric, so instead I am falling back on the old pattern stash. Someday I shall get those stunning Deer and Doe patterns, and I only wish I were joining in on the Centauree Sew Along, but that day is not this day.

Anywho, I've got a revised plan of attack, this time with nifty (and by nifty I mean "thrown together in Microsoft Paint haphazardly) fabric + line drawing visuals! These will supplement my stock of jeans that I live in on a day to day basis, for the record- I'm still too intimidated by pants to tackle making my own skinny jeans.

1) Colette Zinnia

I've already got this lovely thing cut out, but I can't finish sewing her up until I get a new invisible zipper foot- seems I lost mine in the move between dorm and home. I have so many RTW tops that'll go swimmingly with this as olive green is one of my go-to colors, it'll make for a great comfortable staple skirt. (To be specific I'm making view 3, as the eyelet is ever so slightly sheer- I'm lining it with some nice pale green material.)

2) Thread Theory Newcastle Cardigan

(Thread Theory Newcastle Cardigan - Girl Charlee Fabric)

I mentioned green was one of my colors, right? Ever since I made my boyfriend an (unblogged) Newcastle Cardigan I've been scheming up a version of my own. I probably won't modify it to be more fitted- I like the boyfriend cardigan look, it makes it so nice and cozy. I picked out a french terry for the body of the cardigan itself, with a nice slub knit for the yoke details as I like a bit of contrast.

3) Dixie DIY Summer Concert Tee

(Dixie DIY Summer Concert Tee - Girl Charlee Fabric)

When I got the first Perfect Pattern Parcel, I knew I wanted to make one of these cute tops. I love the hem and the cuff detail- I'm not sure if I'll use contrast fabric for the cuffs yet or not, though. I also fell in love with this dreamy pastel feather print knit from Girl Charlee and figured the two would pair quite nicely togehter.

4) Colette Mabel Skirt

(Colette Mabel Skirt - Girl Charlee Fabric)

So remember how in my last post I said I was still distrustful of the Mabel? I apparently forgot about that and decided to buy the Mabel pattern instead of the Moneta, rationalizing that I already had a knit dress pattern I hadn't utilized yet but needed a good staple skirt pattern. Go figure, man. I'm not certain the knit I have in mind for this skirt will actually work- it might not be heavy weight enough. But I really have my heart set on a blue skirt to wear with my incoming Sailor Mercury shirt, so I might chance it even if the fabric isn't ideal! Risky sewing up in here, friends. I'm a madwoman.

5) By Hand London Polly Top + Tilly and the Buttons Margot PJ Pants

(By Hand London Polly Top - Michael Miller Fabric)

I saw these (and the following) Michael Miller prints on sale and couldn't resist. I was immediately overcome with the desire to make an adorable pair of woodsy, fox-covered pjs with these two; the bottom fabric is even a flannel, so it'll be nice and cozy for cold NYC winters. I like sleeping in tank tops all the time, though, so figured I'd give the Polly a whirl to go with it. I don't have Tilly's book yet, actually, but I intend to soon enough- my boyfriend is going to England to visit his relatives and I'm convincing him to buy it for me while he's over there so I sneak around international shipping fees! The patterns in Love At First Stitch look amazing- I especially adore that blouse! 

6) McCalls 6924 Dress

(McCalls 6924 Dress - Michael Miller Fabric)

A keyhole back dress for a lock and key print fabric, geddit? Oh, god, who lets me write things. Anyway, I actually have a major weakness for key motifs and fell in love with the idea of a cute little dress made from this fabric- the keyhole back is just an added groan-inducing benefit. I think this is me trying to assuage my sadness at not having the Belladone Dress pattern, as I picked this pattern up on a whim during a 5 for $5 sale. I'll likely use black piping for the sleeves and neckline, as I suspect any paler color'd just get lost- the black'll be a nice, bold contrast while still matching due to the darker keys.

7) Self-Drafted Hidden Rainbow Skirt

(Michael Miller Fabric)

I saw a really clever use of striped fabric and pleating utilized on a dress in Dillards the other day, and let me tell you, the technique has stuck with me and has been rattling around in my head ever since. I do a lot of pleating for cosplays (all. those. pleated. miniskirts.), so it's something I feel quite comfortable with, and I just think it makes for such interesting effects in skirts. What I plan to do here is pleat the fabric so that only the white portions of the fabric show, but when I move (or twirl, there will be twirling) the rainbow stripes pleated under get to shine brightly through. Does that make sense as an explanation? W/e, hopefully the intent will show through once I actually make the darn thing. This is less of a closet staple piece and more of a "I really, really, REALLY want to test this idea out to see if it even works" sort of thing- but hey, a hidden rainbow skirt could be hella fun!

And that, my friends, is that! All the fabric referenced here is either already here or en route to me, so as soon as it gets in I can get to work. I also plan on making a Brigitte scarf out of some leftovers from the ridiculous space print pants I made my friend Rachel, although that won't really go with any of these projects- I seem to have fallen for subdued blues and greens, haven't I? Well, that's not really anything new, especially as those colors really suit a blue-eyed redhead such as myself.

Oh, I'll also be making up a third Cooper bag, to be my carry-all-in-the-city schoolbag, but I haven't quite settled on the fabric for that one yet. I've got time- I know I can make up that pattern in a day or two, so no rush!

Promise, next I post there will be actually sewing to blog about! What a wonderful day that will be, eh?